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Darrick E. Antell, M.D.
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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of chin augmentations (implants) grew 71% last year to 20,680. The largest increase was in patients 40 and older and included both men and women. “I’ve performed more chin augmentations in the past two years than ever before,” said Dr. Carey Nease, a triple board-certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon from Chattanooga.

“A well defined chin helps give balance to the face,” said Nease. At Southern Surgical Arts we perform chin augmentation, using implants to enhance one’s profile. Research also suggest that strong jawlines help move up the corporate ladder.

A New York plastic surgeon, Darrick Antell, presented highly anecdotal evidence in 2007 to World Congress on Liposuction Surgery and Advances in Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai. Antell drew a line from the nose tip to the chin on photos of 42 CEOs from 2005’s top 50 Fortune 500 companies. Some 90% showed nonreceding-to-prominent chins, vs. 40% of the U.S. population. People equate such jawlines with confidence and character, says Antell. When it’s time to pick a top manager, the one with the Superman jaw gets the job.

Southern Surgical Arts serves the Chattanooga, North Georgia and North Alabama areas for your cosmetic surgery, including chin augmentations.

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