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Controlling Excess Skin Following Bariatric Surgery in NYC

POSTED ON FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013 AT 3:26 PM  by Dr. Darrick Antell

Woman without excess skin poses in a white bikini on the beach Many popular magazines may have just begun to fill their pages with tips and tricks to achieving a dream summer body. If you’ve already dedicated yourself to your weight loss goals however, you may just be experiencing an abundance of excessive skin sagging.

While the goal of weight loss is rewarding both physically and mentally, many people find the common condition of excessive skin following weight loss distressing. If you are struggling with sagging skin following your diet, discover the final shape of weight loss with post bariatric body lift in NYC.

After major weight loss, New York Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Darrick Antell, will help you tone and re-define your body’s contours with post bariatric body lift in NYC. After loss of weight, it is not unusual for patients to develop loose skin around the upper arms, breast, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Post bariatric body lift removes excess skin, evening out and shaping these areas for a defined look of beauty.

  • Post bariatric body lift surgery in NYC combines several body enhancing procedures for an overall look of youth & definition. These procedures include:   
  • Lower body lift-removes excess skin from the hips, waist, abdomen, buttock, and thighs
  • Breast lift-may be combined with breast implants for enhanced curves
  • Arm lift-eliminates sagging skin for tone, shapelier arms
  • Thigh lift- tightens excess skin of the thighs for slimmer contours
  • Buttock lift-tightens and lifts the buttocks for a firmer, more youthful appearance

During your post bariatric body lift in NYC, Dr. Darrick Antell may choose to use general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia. Dr. Antell will commonly prefer Twilight anesthesia, as patients feel as though they are falling asleep naturally.  

Achieve your dream body and help your skin conform to your beautiful new body thanks to post bariatric body lift surgery in NYC. Dr. Antell and our staff welcome any questions you may have about post bariatric body lift in NYC. Contact our New York City office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation with Dr. Antell.


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