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Suction-assisted lipectomy, also known as liposuction, fat suction, or suction lipectomy, is a technique to remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body, including the chin, neck, cheeks, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, love handles, hips, and thighs.

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction, but rather a method of removing localized deposits that will not disappear, even with a strict diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Antell's liposuction in New York City can help remove these deposits and enhance body contours by producing a more firm and sculpted appearance.

Am I a candidate for liposuction?

Anyone in good overall health who is suffering from pockets of excess fat in certain areas is likely a good candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction is ideal for those who:

  • Are within range of their ideal weight but, for personal reasons, wish to rid certain areas of their bodies of excess fat
  • Have firm, elastic skin that can reshape to the body’s new contours

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, cellulite, or loose, saggy skin.

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Why Choose Dr. Antell for Your Liposuction?

Dr. Darrick Antell is among the nation’s most experienced plastic surgeons, respected by his peers for his outstanding results.

Throughout his career, he has received numerous honors, such as being named a “Top Plastic Surgeon” by Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Vogue, and New York Magazine.

Dr. Antell practices the art of plastic surgery with finesse, meticulous care, and a dedication to achieving results that appear natural. Dr. Antell is experienced in custom body contouring, often called upon to treat celebrities, high-profile individuals, and others who demand the highest quality outcome.

When undergoing liposuction in NYC with Dr. Darrick Antell, you can be confident that your procedure is in the hands of a highly respected, board-certified plastic surgeon who has had a long and illustrious career.

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What can I expect

in my liposuction consultation?

In your initial consultation at our New York office, Dr. Antell will evaluate your general health and medical history, including your current weight and BMI. After listening to your concerns, he will identify the areas with fat deposits and carefully assess your skin elasticity. If indicated, he may explain other body-contouring options, such as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or an arm lift. It is important to honestly discuss your desired outcome with Dr. Antell so that he can guide you in developing a surgical plan that will have the highest chance of fulfilling your expectations.

Dr. Antell will thoroughly discuss the procedure with you, as well as explain the risks and expected results. Please be sure to inform him if you smoke and if you're taking any medications, vitamins, or other drugs. Don't hesitate to ask Dr. Antell any questions about the surgery, recovery, and expected outcome.

How should I prepare for my liposuction surgery?

You will be provided with instructions to thoroughly prepare you for surgery, including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding vitamins, iron tablets, and specific medications. You may be given prescriptions that should be filled prior to your day of surgery. Depending on your medical history, you may be asked to provide pre-operative clearance from another doctor. As the procedure is performed under “twilight” sedation, you should arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery and ensure you have someone to assist you for the first few days.

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Before and After Liposuction

Lipo 360 Treatment  

Lipo 360 is a circumferential treatment that contours the entire area around the waist. This differs from traditional liposuction, which generally only focuses on one specific area of the body, resulting in the contouring of only one area.

With Lipo 360 the entire waistline, upper and lower abdomen, flanks and sometimes even the lower back can be sculpted and toned. This provides a much more noticeable and significant result. 

At Dr. Antell's office, we are proud to offer Lipo 360 to help you obtain the shapely contours you desire.

What are the risks of liposuction?

When performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who follows all health and patient safety protocols, liposuction is typically a safe procedure for a healthy patient who wants to resculpt his/her body. However, as with any surgery, there are risks. The most common complications include bleeding, infection, changes in skin sensation, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. In addition, skin rippling, pigmentation changes, and asymmetrical contouring may occur. Further discussion of risks will occur during your consultation.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Dr. Antell's Manhattan liposuction procedure is typically performed using a combination of local anesthesia and IV sedation, or another form of “twilight” anesthesia. This helps to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure. For your safety, you will be monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist during your surgery.

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The Cost of Liposuction

Of the many cosmetic surgical procedures done annually, liposuction is one of the least costly and most widely performed. Because it can treat such a wide range of conditions across the body, pricing for liposuction is going to vary widely from patient to patient.

For instance, a patient that opts for liposuction on the stomach alone will see one cost estimate, while another patient opting for lipo on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks will have another cost estimate.

Liposuction is also very often either combined with, or forms a key part of, other procedures such as the mommy makeover, and body toning procedures such as gynecomastia surgery.

To provide you with the most complete and accurate cost estimate, we encourage you to schedule a personalized consultation, either in person or by submitting photographs by mail or email as discussed here. We’d be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for the procedure.

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How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction is performed through a small incision, just large enough to allow the insertion of a hollow tube called a cannula. Depending on the area being treated, multiple incisions may be used to allow access to as many fat pockets as possible. After diluted local anesthesia is infused into the area to minimize bleeding, the cannula is then inserted to gently suction the fat out of the body. Depending on the size and number of areas being treated, the procedure may take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. 

What will my recovery be like following liposuction?

After undergoing the surgery at our New York City private surgical center, you will recover in Dr. Antell’s state-of-the-art recovery suite while being monitored by one of his nurses until you feel well enough to be discharged. Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home the same day after the procedure. When performed under twilight sedation, you should be prepared to have an escort to bring you home, as you will not be able to drive for 24 hours after the administration of anesthesia. Upon leaving the facility, you will be provided thorough discharge instructions that will guide you through the initial post-operative period. Throughout the entire recovery process, Dr. Antell and his staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Post Surgery Dressings

At the time of surgery, Dr. Antell may place a compression garment over the treated area to reduce swelling and help the skin contour to the new, slimmer area. You may be asked to wear this garment or a snug, Spanx-like, elastic garment continuously for up to a few weeks after your procedure to aid in healing. Your first follow-up will likely be scheduled for the day after your procedure so that Dr. Antell can monitor your progress and change the dressings over your incision sites. It is normal to experience fluid draining from your incision sites within the first few couple weeks.

Resuming Exercise

Patients can usually return to most daily activities within days after the procedures, but are asked to refrain from vigorous exercise for around two weeks. Dr. Antell will discuss a customized recovery timeline with you based on the complexity of your procedure.

Swelling and Bruising

After the surgery, the treated area will likely be swollen and bruised, which will mostly dissipate within the first few weeks. While you will look better immediately, you will be able to see the final results of your new, sculpted figure around three months after your surgery.

Scarring and Incision Care

With regard to scarring, the incisions for liposuction are small and strategically placed to be hidden from view when wearing clothing or a swimsuit. Over time, the incisions will fade and become barely noticeable. The skills of your surgeon are the most critical in achieving the desired outcome. It is important to prevent exposure of your scars to direct sunlight for the first six months by using appropriate sunblock, as this can cause changes to the pigmentation. You can be confident that you will achieve superior results under the care of Dr. Antell. His Manhattan liposuction procedure is among the top quality cosmetic surgeries in the country. 

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Lipo & Tummy Tuck?

What will my expected result be?

Suction-assisted lipectomy is one of the most practical and effective methods by which to achieve a more sculpted body contour. The results are long-lasting, providing you maintain your weight by eating sensibly and exercising regularly. Many of our patients are extremely happy with their results, feeling more attractive in various types of clothing and more confident in their overall appearance.

How do I get started?

Dr. Darrick E. Antell and his staff will be happy to provide a discreet and private consultation to evaluate your needs and discuss liposuction. Please call the office at (212) 988-4040 to schedule your consultation.

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