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See What Patients Have To Say About Dr. Antell

This is a glowing recommendation. I asked Dr. Antell for something difficult, to remove all sagging skin from my neck, smooth my jaw line, if possible, and improve my eyes, all without it being noticeable to anyone that anything had been done. He accomplished exactly what I asked in subtle, artful, and, what I consider, remarkable ways. He is very skilled. I came to him with my ideas, and he persuaded me to change them a bit to a solution he thought would be better. He was right. There is much art to this profession. Dr. Antell knows what to do and does it well. He has an artist's touch. I am wonderfully pleased with the results. I told him that I feel liberated. I no longer have to wear eye make-up to feel presentable, and I wear scoopnecks happily. It's a big decision to let someone change our appearance and vital to find the right person to do it. I understand why Dr. Antell has operated on many TV anchors. He is also kind, full of good humor, and concerned for his patients' welfare. He is very positive. He is a pleasure. Wonderful people work with him. His anesthesiologist and nurses are highly skilled and caring. The office director and staff are helpful, accommodating, and caring. He and they make the process easy. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Antell.

I went to Dr. Antell, and he transformed my face and my life. Not only does my face look amazing (20 years younger), but immediately after my surgery, I walked into a restaurant in the Village and met my soon-to-be husband. I am now moving to SoHo and beginning a life that I could never have dreamed of.

Dear Dr. Antell,

I am writing this brief note to express my deep appreciation of the outstanding treatment I received from you and your staff. Your professional expertise couple with total commitment to the patient are absolutely commendable.

When I first came to your office for a consultation on fat transplantation, I was impressed by your genuine interest in patients and total consideration of their needs. All benefits and limitations of the procedure were thoroughly discussed, all my concerns were properly addressed. This helped me set my expectations appropriately.

During the procedure I hardly felt any pain or discomfort. Prior to that I felt quite nervous, however you and your experienced staff did an excellent job in preparing me for treatment as well as following up afterwards.

I had done the procedure previously with another plastic surgeon and I am happy to say that my experience with you was a thousand times better. In addition to your professional qualities, your great personality, the sincerity and kindness you emanate generate the right atmosphere for your patients.

I would highly recommend you to any prospective patients.

Philadelphia, PA

Hello, My name is Victoria. I have my breast implants for almost 4 months and I feel so wonderful. First of all, before getting any surgery do your research. Ever since I was 16, I always wanted implants. Finally when I turned 25 I did it. I researched the pros and cons of breast implants. In my mind, I wanted to do it, but thinking and actually doing it is two different things. Until one day, I found my wonderful doctor, Dr. Antell.

Before going to Dr. Darrick Antell, I had a list of doctors to call. One of the doctors on my list I went to for a consultation. But something I my heart wasn't right. I judged it by the staff, how quickly I got a phone call back and the doctor of course. I was a little upset. I was feeling frustrated about how I will know. My next move was to call another doctor. I did to only get a month's wait to get a consultation date. So Dr. Antell was the next name. The day of my consultation with Dr. Antell gave the answer. He was the one. First, the staff was very friendly. The office was very clean and cozy. I wasn't judged on how I looked or if I had enough money to be there. When I met with Dr. Antell and his assistant we spoke first. He spoke about the pros and cons of breast implants. He asked about what I was expecting out of this. We even discussed my knowledge of this type of surgery. He was very impressed that I did my homework. I even brought some magazines so he could get a visual image.

The most important bigger discussion was that getting breast implants is a lifetime commitment. Some point in my life, I will need to replace them like old batteries. Women think you get it and that's it. Be prepared for the worst if that does happen. I accepted that responsibly to myself and my body. From the moment I met him, he was warm, sincere, patient, kind and real. He was not acting like a doctor and explaining medical terms. He had a real conversation with me but to the point. I never met a doctor so real. It was also nice to have his female assistant who had undergo this surgery as well. We spoke first before I had to show my breast size to him. he took some pictures and gave me his opinions. I told him I wanted to balance my shape out being that I was slender but curvy. Working out at the gym, I lost some inches and my breasts went for a b-cup to an a- cup. I had small boobs but I wanted to feel sexier being full chested. My breast shape was very nice being told but small in volume. He liked that I wanted to be natural. I was looking to be a full c and he agreed too. He did tell me to forget about bra sizes. It a fashion thing. Now I understand now because I am a full c cup but I was 34D in bras.

When the consultation was over, I knew in my heart he was the one. I spoke to his assistant about the potential surgery dates. When I left the office, I felt like I was on cloud 9. This was usually going to happen. All the insecurities would go away or at least make me feel confident to walk around my house without a bra. I was doing this for myself not for anyone else. I made the decision and it was important that my family be there. And they were. I even researched my doctor's background. I was very impressed but remember first impression meant more. Anybody could write amazing stuff on their website. The big plus was my friend's father is the doorman at the building. When he saw me there and I told him that I just met with Dr. Antell. He said he was an amazing doctor. That felt so good because I know my friend's father for so many years and he would been honest if he felt otherwise. Another plus in my decision. went home that night and told my sister he is the one. The next day, I made all the arrangements. I started to taking a daily vitamin and going to the gym a lot than usual. I wanted to be well prepare for this. I did all the right things. I didn't have any alcohol, Advil and all the no-no's.

The day came and I was so excited. So sum it all up, I have never been happy. At first, thought I wasn't big enough. But when Dr. Antell explained that he try to fill my implants 375, my skin was stretching. Instead of leaving it like that, he gave me what we agreed on, 350cc. Now that is a doctor when he cares about the long term. I could of been bigger but then suffer long term effects later on. He made the right choice and I am so happy he did so. Two weeks after surgery, I slowly went back to normal life. I was still very tight in the chest. I started back at the gym with I think that really helps a lot. I still put my creams on my scars. They are healing so nice. The best choice to go under the breast. Today, my breast very soft and look so natural. People don't believe they are implants. The size fits me so well. It looks like always had them. To give even more cleavage, I wear lightly padded bra to feel even sexier. The best part is when I run , my breasts move. They don't look like hard melons. That's why it's so important on the size you choose for your body. Two women made have the same cc's but they both look different. Remember that. Your height and weight plays a big role. And to Dr. Antell, Thank you. He work is amazing and the staff was so great too. He is a wonderful doctor. A warm, sincere and patient doctor. Very hard to find these days. And I know I would use him again in the future.

My advice is remember that you have to be positive about yourself. Fixing or changing something doesn't make it all better. Beauty is very from inside and will shine on the outside. Some friends I know had surgery and still don't feel happy. Do your research and never let someone tell you what you should do with your body. Unless you doctor says it for health reasons. And be honest on why you really want it.

New York, NY

Thank you all for your consideration and kindness throughout my experiences.

Dear Dr. Antell & Staff,

Thank you all so much for the superb attention and care you have given me.
I look forward to a successful healing process and I'm grateful to know that you are all on my team.

All the best,
New York, New York

Dear Dr. Antell,

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you performed on me. It is a miracle. I am so confident and comfortable with myself. At first I had my doubts about this operation. You made me feel so comfortable that I was not afraid to go through with the operation.

If I had to do it again I would. Thank you so much.

New York, New York

Dear Dr. Antell,

I want to report to you how happy D. and I are over the results of the fine work you performed for me last October. When I return to New York in July, I'd like to drop by to show you and Eva and Celeste how it all came out. The parts that bothered D. the most prior to the surgery were my rooster throat and droopy eyelids. At age 76, I guess that is not unique. To me the lipo-suction on my protruding tummy was important. I have a huge incentive to look my best.

Again many thanks and give my best to your very nice colleagues especially to Eva and Celeste and Barbara.

With warm regards,
D. & H.S.
Jupiter, Fla.

Dear Dr. Antell-

I just read the article in New Woman confirming that you're a wonderful doctor (and fine human being) and I'm tickled to hear that the tag team of Swistel and Antell are at it again.


Fond Regards,
New York, New York

P.S: Dr. Chemi's face still looks pretty terrific!!

Dear Dr. Antell,

--- Office Visit ---

Patient comes in at this time after her bilateral mastectomy. On examination she has a well- healed mastectomy incision on the left side with an immediate breast reconstruction by Dr. Antell that is absolutely among the best reconstructions I have ever seen. In addition, the reconstruction on the right side similarly looks extremely good and again is among the best reconstructions I have ever seen. The patient still has yet to have the nipple reconstruction performed and she plans on going ahead and doing this with Dr. Antell, as well.

A. Antonacci, MD
87th St.
New York, NY

Operation Smile
79 Fifth Avenue, 18th floor
New York, New York 10003

Ms. J.A.M.,

The work of Dr. Antell in reconstructing K's lip was exceptional and the improvement to K's appearance is dramatic. We have been plagued for many years wanting to do something about it but were unable to both afford it and find someone who felt able to improve on K's condition. K has always been self-conscious of his lip even though he seldom mentions it. What this means to him to not have to be embarrassed or to lack confidence in his appearance is beyond a description of this letter. Again, so many thanks and genuine appreciation for the wonderful work you organization has done for us.

M, P, A and especially K
Cairo, Egypt

Dear Dr. Antell,

You are gifted, golden and one in a million. You are a very special man, and it is a privilege and pleasure to know you.

I feel as if we achieved a marked improvement.

Long Island, New York

Dear Darrick,

Thank you so much for your participation in last night's symposium for the Women's Forum.

Obviously it could - and perhaps should - have been at least an hour longer, but I know the members of this prestigious group left with a much clearer understanding of choices for skin problems thanks to your excellent presentations.

With warm personal regards,
VOGUE, Conde Nast

Dear Dr. Antell,

Just a short note of much gratitude to you and your staff. The level of professionalism and support was/is exceptional. Your medical staff (especially Celeste) performed in a manner that exemplified care and attention. I was made to feel comfortable and secure during an anxious time. I am extremely happy with my new look and if given an opportunity, I will highly recommend your office.

Very sincerely,
New York, NY

All wonderful! The best! I am so very greatful to you. Thank you so much, Dr. Antell.


Your services can't be improved. They are the best of services, and I thank you.

Very satisfied with doctor & staff! Reluctant to stay overnight for last surgery, but nurse Carmelita is an absolute jewel!!

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