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Why Tuberous Breast Correction? 

Tuberous breasts are a condition that stops the breasts from developing properly. This genetically-inherited condition begins during puberty when the breasts start to grow and develop. Typically, the breasts grow into a full, round shape. Tuberous breasts do not grow properly or develop normally. Instead, they become disproportionate in size and shape, nipple and areola shape and appearance, and can grow long and tube-shaped. 

Visually, tuberous breasts can impact a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, and in some cases, the fibrous tissue can cause a lack of milk gland development, which can impair the ability to breastfeed. 

Thankfully, Dr. Antell provides tuberous breast correction in New York City to help address these issues.

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Tuberous breast correction surgery benefits

Some of the benefits of Dr. Antell's tuberous breast correction surgery include:

  • Symmetrical, attractive breasts
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A natural, beautiful breast shape
  • Rounded, full, even breasts
  • Symmetrical, attractive nipples and areolae
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Tuberous breasts - causes and indications: 

If you have smaller or slightly pointy breasts, this is not what is meant by tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts are malformed and unusually shaped because they are constricted at the base by fibrous tissue or bands that form during puberty. These fibrous bands stop the breast tissue from forming in the usual round, teardrop shape. Instead, their growth is impaired or misshapen, causing the tissue to grow in different ways or in a long, tube-like shape. The following signs are indications of tuberous breasts. Women may have some, a few, or all of these indications:

  • Minimal breast volume
  • Especially “pointy” breasts
  • Misaligned, disproportionate nipples or areolas
  • Elongated, tube-shaped breasts
  • Puffy, prominent, or enlarged areolas
  • Breasts spaced unusually far apart

Your tuberous breast correction consultation

During your consultation for tuberous breast correction in NYC with Dr. Antell, you will have a thorough, in-depth discussion about your breast concerns. Dr. Antell will examine your breasts, study your medical history, and lay out your options for tuberous breast correction. These options include surgically cutting the fibrous bands alone, cutting the bands and reshaping and lifting the breasts, or cutting the bands, then reshaping and augmenting the breasts with fat transfer or implants. 

You’ll have a chance to ask any questions, discuss any concerns, and determine your plan with Dr. Antell to achieve your desires and vision for your breasts. 

Tuberous Breast Correction options: 

Breast augmentation using implants 

If breast augmentation with implants is being used to treat tubular breasts, Dr. Antell will show you the types, sizes, shapes, and profiles of implants. You will be able to see and feel the implants and get an idea of what the texture of each would be like. You will have a chance to try on the implants using a special bra. 

Breast augmentation using fat transfer 

If fat transfer breast augmentation is the treatment method being used, you will decide with Dr. Antell which part of your body would work best to harvest the fat from that you want to transfer into your breasts. This area can be anywhere on your body where there is excess fat. This could be the thighs, abdomen, flanks, back bra area, or buttocks.

Tuberous breast correction surgery

Tuberous breast correction surgery takes 2-3 hours to complete, and it is done under general anesthesia. The first part of your surgery releases the fibrous band of tissue at the base of your breasts. The release of this alone helps to reshape the breasts. 

If you’re having a breast lift, your breasts will be lifted and any excess skin trimmed away. If you are also having breast augmentation, implants will be placed precisely to achieve a round, full symmetrical appearance. In the case of a fat transfer, the fat will first be harvested from the predetermined donor area. Dr. Antell will purify it, then inject it into your breasts.


You will be able to return home once your tuberous breast correction is complete. You will have drains placed for 4-5 days and wear a surgical bra to keep your breasts in the proper shape. Your breasts will be swollen, and you will need to rest and relax for the first two weeks.

It will take about a week to feel up to driving, sedentary work, and usual light activities. We will do a follow-up appointment after the first week to be sure you are healing well. We will do another follow-up in six weeks to ensure the healing and results are successful.

Take the time you need to rest during your recovery period. Avoid strenuous exercise or activities until at least three weeks have passed.

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Candidates for tuberous breast correction

Candidates for Dr. Antell's tuberous breast correction in NYC are those who are experiencing the signs of tuberous breasts, such as puffy, disproportionate areolas, lesser breast tissue, especially at the base of the breasts, or asymmetrical breasts. Candidates should also meet the following requirements:

  • Nonsmoker
  • In good health
  • Realistic in their expectations about what this procedure can achieve
  • Breasts have completed growing 

Why choose Dr. Antell for tuberous breast correction surgery in NYC?

Trained at Stanford and Cornell, Dr. Darrick Antell is among the world’s most celebrated plastic surgeons. With twenty years of experience and prestigious background, Dr. Antell creates remarkably natural-looking results with any breast procedure.

Dr. Antell is known for his excellence in plastic surgery and his artistic skill. He is dedicated to achieving beautiful results that appear natural, rather than the appearance that you had “work done.” In the words of one of his patients, “You can’t tell when it’s done by Dr. Antell because it’s done so well.” 

Call today for a consultation to find out more about tuberous breast correction surgery in our New York City office.

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