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Why breast asymmetry correction?

Breast asymmetry may include a number of concerns, including substantially different breast sizes from one breast to the other, unmatching breast shapes, uneven nipples or areolas, or a combination of these concerns. Tuberous breasts, a genetic condition that constricts the base of the breasts and causes malformation, also fall under the breast asymmetry umbrella.

Breast asymmetry can negatively impact sexual confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Severe breast asymmetry can make it hard to fit properly in clothing, swimsuits, and bras and cause embarrassment for women. Dr. Antell provides breast asymmetry correction in NYC to address these issues.

Breast asymmetry correction benefits

Some of the benefits of Dr. Antell's breast asymmetry correction include:

  • More even and symmetrical breasts
  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Evenly rounded, full breasts
  • Symmetrical, well-shaped nipples and areolas
  • Better fit in clothing (bras, swimsuits, fitted clothes)
  • Improved quality of life
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Do I have breast asymmetry?

While breast asymmetry is unique for each woman, there are some specific types and signs of breast asymmetry that are commonly experienced by many women. Women with breast asymmetry may experience one or more of these concerns: 

  • Breasts of different sizes, one large and one small
  • One breast positioned higher than the other on the chest
  • Drooping breasts, with one breast hanging lower
  • Smaller breasts--one smaller than the other
  • Areola and nipple characteristics that do not align (size, projection, bulge)
  • Overly large breasts--one larger than the other
  • Unusual breast shape or structure (tuberous breasts)

Breast asymmetry correction

For those interested in breast asymmetry correction in New York City, Dr. Antell will begin with a thoughtful, thorough consultation to discuss your breast concerns in depth. He will examine your breasts and talk about your aesthetic goals and desires for your breasts. There are a number of breast procedures that can be done to correct breast asymmetry: breast lift, reshaping, reduction, or implants. It’s possible your surgery may include combining two procedures to achieve the best results. 

Breast Lift

A breast lift provides a youthful, perky, symmetrical shape, and lifted, upward-turned nipples that provide an attractive, beautiful appearance.

Breast Reshaping

Breast reshaping is usually part of a breast lift. This procedure creates symmetry between the breasts by creating a round, beautiful breast shape, balancing the areolae, and aligning the nipples attractively.

Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can be reduced and reshaped into a smaller, more symmetrical, and attractive shape. The breast reduction procedure balances breast position and enhances the shape and projection of the breasts for a more youthful appearance.

Breast Implants

Breast implants can be used to correct discrepancies in breast size and shape, and increase the round, full appearance. Breast implant size and volume are chosen carefully to provide harmonious breast symmetry. 

Recovery after breast asymmetry correction

You will be able to return home after your breast asymmetry correction surgery in our NYC office. There will likely be drains installed to reduce blood or fluid building up as you heal. You will wear a compression garment which reduces swelling and helps your breasts maintain their proper shape as they heal. 

You will need about two weeks to rest and heal after your procedure. Be sure to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after your surgery and help you at home while you’re recovering, as you won’t be able to lift anything or do usual home chores while you’re recuperating. 

Once you’re able to do sedentary work after a couple of weeks and eventually exercise again (after about three weeks), your body may feel recovered. However, your breasts will still be healing and settling for several months. Once the healing is complete, your breasts will settle into their final, symmetrical, beautiful shape and position. 

Why choose Dr. Antell for breast asymmetry correction surgery in NYC?

Dr. Antell was trained at Stanford and Cornell and is among the world’s most celebrated plastic surgeons. Dr. Antell dedicates himself to creating natural-looking, outstanding results for his patients and providing beautifully even breasts.

With twenty years of experience, Dr. Antell is known for his meticulous, artistic skill that provides the beautiful appearance you want. His care for every patient and his consistently satisfied clients are the reason his reputation as a top plastic surgeon is as stellar as it is. Call today for a consultation to find out more about breast asymmetry correction surgery in New York City at our private office.

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