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Dr. Antell’s Media Features on Chin Implants Print Media

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Chin Augmentation in the New York Times!

Dr. Darrick Antell’s work on the direct correlation between success and a defined chin is quoted by the New York Times! Dr. Antell explains his advanced research of strong jawlines among the chief executives from the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Antell’s findings are taken from his 2007 presentation on cosmetic surgery in front of a world congress.

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Chin Augmentation In NYC: Dr. Antell Honored For Chin Augmentation in New York Magazine Best Doctors List

New York Magazine names Darrick E. Antell, M.D., chin augmentation NYC plastic surgeon, as one of New York's Best Doctors for breast cosmetic surgery, facial & neck cosmetic surgery, and liposuction.

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Chin Augmentation NYC Can Achieve The “Ideal Face”: Vogue

Chin augmentation NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Darrick E. Antell, is one of a growing number of Plastic Surgeons who believes in improving on nature and has done extensive research on what he calls "today's ideal standard of beauty."

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Chin Surgery NYC: Interview with Jay Leno

Top NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Darrick E. Antell, says a lot of men are nervous about losing their jobs. They feel that chin surgery to augment the chin will give them a stronger, more forceful appearance. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is chin surgery in NYC.

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Chin Augmentation in NYC: Featured Article In Elle!

Facial Implants promise to fill the places where nature falls flat! Cosmetic surgeon Darrick Antell, M.D. elaborates on the subject of health and beauty. No matter how much you exercise or lift weights, you cannot build a more defined chin or cheekbones; chin augmentation in NYC could be the right choice for you.

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CEOs Interested In Chin Augmentation In NYC: Business Week

Top reconstructive surgeon Dr. Darrick E. Antell discusses the demand for CEOs who want to have jaw implants and chin augmentation in NYC to better their confidence and character.

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Chin Augmentation NYC: Appearances Are Deceiving

Top chin augmentation surgeon, Dr. Darrick Antell, elaborates on the chin discussion, explaining why chin enhancement in NYC is a very important landmark as plastic surgery for men.

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Chin Augmentation NYC Stats: Allure

The American Society for Plastic Surgeons recently released new statistics on current plastic surgery trends, and the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in America is chin augmentation in NYC. In a featured Allure Magazine article, Dr. Antell attributes the rise of chin implants in NYC to social interaction in the corporate world. Dr. Antell’s previous research has indicated that having a strong chin, whether naturally or through chin surgery, may actually provide business men and women with an edge over their non-prominent chinned competition.

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Skype With Confidence After Chin Augmentation In NYC: HealthTech

The face a person sees in the mirror isn’t always the face they envision for themselves. With the rise of technology, video communication outlets, such as Skype, are adding to many people’s dissatisfaction with their facial features. This dissatisfaction stems from non-prominent chins and undefined jawlines which have spurred a recent increase in chin augmentation in NYC. Dr. Darrick Antell provides chin surgery to not only increase the volume and definition of a person’s chin but to also increase their self-confidence and social image as well.

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Chin Augmentation NYC: Chin Up On The Competition

This year’s presidential campaigns are in full swing. Eager constituents tune into debates, speeches, and appearances to analyze Mitt Romney and President Obama’s views on current political issues and decide which candidate they will choose for the coming presidential term. PR professionals give the presidential candidates advice on their dress and look for these events because appearances can be just as important as views come voting day, even if only having a subconscious effect. Dr. Darrick Antell remarks on the possibility that the strength of a person’s chin could potentially boost or hinder candidates’ campaigns. Click on the Gawkers cover to read the full article on chin augmentation in NYC and how chins could sway this year's election.

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Technology’s Effect On Chin Augmentation In NYC: Sun Sentinel

With the rise of technology and the growing use of video-chatting for business meetings and conferences, people are becoming more conscientious of how they look in motion. Moving images can display a different perspective of oneself compared to still images, and many people feel their appearance is falling short of their expectations. Dr. Darrick Antell was recently featured in a Sun Sentinel article for his chin implants in NYC. Dr. Antell offers chin implants in New York to give people a more defined jawline, balance their facial features, and provide them with a confident look.

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Spike In Chin Augmentation In NYC

The most popular spike in cosmetic surgery, according to recent statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is chin augmentation in NYC! Dr. Darrick Antell is featured in a Sunstone article for his work. Dr. Darrick Antell is the spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and provides chin implants at his private practice. According to Dr. Antell, chin augmentation in NYC is a cosmetic procedure that whispers, not screams. People will notice a lovely improvement in your appearance without being exactly sure what has been changed.

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Chin Augmentation NYC: Just The Right Accessory

Along with expensive dresses, shoes, wristlets, hairdos, nails, and jewelry, teens have added a new item to their budget for the expenditures on prom: chin augmentation. In the attempt to look more glamorous than their peers on the big day, teens are considering chin augmentation in NYC to give them that extra wow. In a featured article by Daily Mail, “How the 'Chinplant' has become the latest must-have for U.S teens wanting to dazzle on prom night,” Dr. Darrick Antell discusses how chin surgery doesn’t just enhance a person’s appearance. This procedure also changes how others perceive a person’s personality, character, and capability. To read the full featured Daily Mail article on chin augmentation in NYC, click on the Daily Mail thumbnail.

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Eliminate The Double Chin With Chin Augmentation In NYC: ABC News*

Dr. Darrick Antell is featured in an ABC article which discusses how chin augmentation in NYC can reduce your double chin! Businessmen and women are recently becoming more concerned with their facial features, particularly their double chin, since the rise of technology and use of webcams for conducting meetings. Now with the rise in medical technology, you can increase the definition in your jaw and obtain a more pleasing on-screen image with chin enhancement! Click on the thumbnail to view Dr. Antell’s featured article in ABC News.

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Rise In Chin Augmentation In NYC Reflects A Rise Up The Corporate Ladder

A recent rise in chin augmentation in NYC may actually be caused by business ambition. According to Wired News, Dr. Darrick Antell conducted an anecdotal study which found that 90% of CEOs have strong chins while only 40% of the US population displays this physical trait. Dr. Antell believes that people associate strong chins with leadership, character, and trustworthiness. Perhaps receiving a chin augmentation in NYC will help you climb the corporate ladder! Click on the thumbnail to view Dr. Antell’s featured article in Wired News.

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Chin Augmentation In NYC Is Trending: Darrick Antell, M.D.

The fastest growing trend in plastic surgery is chin augmentation in NYC! Dr. Darrick Antell, a leading expert in facial plastic surgery, is featured in an article on Canada.com for his work and research on chin implants. He performs 3 to 4 chin surgeries a day at his New York practice. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentations have increased 71 percent in the past year alone. This surge is found nearly across the board in both men and women! Click on the links below to read Dr. Antell’s full featured article on Canada.com on the rise of chin augmentation in NYC.

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Alert On Chin Augmentation In NYC: A Boost To Look Your Best

Are you looking for a confidence boost that can enhance your appearance and give a great first impression? Consider the fastest rising cosmetic surgery today among both men and women: chin augmentation in NYC. Dr. Darrick Antell is featured in an AlertNet article for his exceptional contributions to the field of plastic surgery and especially for his work on chin implants. The recent surge in chin augmentation in NYC is no surprise as it provides patients with a quick and noticeable change in their facial features with relatively little downtime. Click on the links below to read Dr. Antell’s full featured article in AlertNet on the impact that chin surgery has on the individual and on society!

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Reuters Reports Chin Augmentation In NYC As The Fastest Growing Surgery!

According to recent studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentation in NYC is the fastest growing surgery in 2011! Dr. Darrick Antell is featured in an article in Reuters, “Best face forward: chin implants surge in popularity,” which discusses this newest trend in plastic surgery. Not only is the chin implant procedure itself on the rise, but the people who have strong chins seem to be rising through the ranks as well, especially in business. Click on the links below to read Dr. Antell’s full featured article in Reuters, and discover how chin augmentation in NYC can benefit your appearance and your career!

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