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Darrick E. Antell, M.D., F.A.C.S.850 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10075

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Finding New York Botox Specialists is Easier if you Know Where to Look

Finding New York Botox Specialists is Easier if you Know Where to Look


Botox NYC

Darrick E. Antell, M.D.
850 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10075
(212) 988-4040.

New York City that is among the largest cities in the world and which also boasts of one of the largest populations as far as US cities goes has everything going including Cosmetic Surgery and especially Botox treatment. In fact, when it concerns New York Botox, there is no dearth of options available as there are numerous clinics spread in different parts of the city where you can get Botox Treatment.

Popular Amongst Youth

What's more, New York Botox is quite popular amongst the younger generation as it provides a viable solution to improve one's appearance while also not having to have surgery done. Essentially, you will find many clinics offering New York Botox in which Botox is injected into different parts of the face with the intention of targeting muscles which in turn cause wrinkling of the skin to happen.

When you get New York Botox treatment performed, the injected Botox does not allow the muscles to contract and this results in smoother skin and therefore fewer wrinkles and the effects of New York Botox treatment may last from four to as long as six months, though results will vary across applications.

To be sure, most people looking to find New York Botox specialists will expect it to be an arduous task locating a suitable person or firm because of the immense size of New York. However, things are made considerably simpler if you check out places such as where there is an extensive database of doctors and specialists in New York that provide Botox treatment.

There are in fact numerous New York Botox specialists and to name but a very miniscule number of such specialists, names such as Darrick Antell, and Leonard Grossman, Lifetouch Medspa, Mark A. Erlich and Donald Roland are sure to be worth talking to. You can even use to find specialists according to their procedure and according to their proximity to where you live.

Typically, New York Botox specialists could give you FDA approved Botox Injectionsthat are certainly the best non-surgical treatment method to reduce signs of ageing. You also need to see whether the doctor administrating the Botox injections is a member of Botox Cosmetic Physicians Network which would be an advantage as it would validate that the New York Botox specialist in question is competent to give you the right Botox treatment.

Also, you should not need to spend more than two hundred dollars for New York Botox treatment, and in fact, there are many specialists that even give rebates which can bring down the cost of taking Botox injections even further.


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