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About New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Antell

If you are considering plastic surgery, one of the most important decisions you face is the selection of your surgeon. There are many vital questions that an informed patient will ask. Is the physician board certified in Plastic Surgery? Where did the doctor do his plastic surgery training? How long has the surgeon been in practice? Do I feel safe and comfortable with the doctor?

NYC Plastic Surgeon Darrick Antell With Bill Clinton

Dr. Antell’s philosophy is that plastic surgery should whisper, not scream.

Top Plastic Surgeon Darrick AntellDr. Antell is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic rejuvenation of the face, breasts, and body.

With a practice that spans over 20 years, and clientele from all over the world, Dr. Antell is known in the industry for his work on news anchors, celebrities, and other notable personalities. His philosophy “plastic surgery should whisper, not scream” is a testament to his approach and encourages natural esthetic results.

Dr. Antell’s career started with his surgical training at Stanford and Cornell Universities. In addition to his continuing education on the most current surgical techniques and technologies, Dr. Antell holds a dental degree, which positions him to have a unique expertise in facial plastic surgery that separates him from his peers.

However, Dr. Antell's practice is not limited to facial surgery, nor are celebrities and newsworthy women the only ones seeking his expert care.  He has been named Best Breast Surgeon by Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, and New York magazines, and he has become one of the most respected and sought-after plastic surgeons in New York.

Dr. Antell also has a thriving segment of his busy practice operating with minimally-invasive, rejuvenating techniques on men of all ages who wish to look their best in business, media, and their personal lives. Botox and fillers are among the most popular procedures of choice as both non-surgical options offer no downtime.

Dr. Antell visits his groundbreaking research at the Smithsonian.

Cosmetic Surgeon Darrick Antell's Plastic Surgery StudyDr. Antell’s landmark study of identical twins and the aging process is displayed at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History as part of the Human Genome exhibit. His work is shown alongside that of Dr. James Watson and Dr. Francis Crick who discovered the structure of the DNA double helix.

Dr. Antell’s research on twins has shown that “nature is highly overrated.” Environmental factors and lifestyle choices have a significant effect on how we age. Through his research, Dr. Antell has identified three factors - smoking, sun, and stress – that may even have a larger impact on aging than genetics.

Dr. Antell’s entire staff is exceedingly proud of this accomplishment. Dr. Antell is one of the only Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to have his work displayed in the prestigious Smithsonian Museum.

Read more about Dr. Antell’s twins research.

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Antell

Dr. Antell at the age of 4 examining his Aunt Annette.

"As a kid I was very finicky, very detail oriented.  I was always straightening up without thinking about it, so I liked the precision of plastic surgery. Having gone to dental school first was really helpful; it's terrific training in using your hands”


Over 10 years ago, Dr. Randolph H. Guthrie, Jr., M.D. entrusted Dr. Antell with his practice. Dr. Guthrie’s father was a close friend and law partner of Richard Nixon’s at the firm of Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie, Alexander & Mitchell. The firm is most known as the legal launching pad of Richard M. Nixon (37th President of the United States).

As a pioneer in breast reconstruction during his time as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, Dr. Guthrie limited his private practice exclusively to the breast: including reductions, augmentations and reconstruction. Prior to his retirement, Dr. Guthrie had one of the most successful practices in New York. He attended St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, and graduated from Andover, followed by Princeton and then Harvard Medical School. He mentored and trained Dr. Antell at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center (now called New York-Presbyterian, the University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell). In the words of Dr. Guthrie, in speaking with Dr. Antell: "A lot of people have offered me money for my practice, but I think it is unethical to sell it to the highest bidder. I would like to give you the practice at no charge as I think you are the best doctor."

With thousands of successful procedures to date, you will be in the most capable and experienced of hands. Dr. Antell has appeared on NY Magazine's Best Doctor list for many years and has been featured in numerous articles and publications. Please visit our Media Presence page for more information.

Our facility and office is located directly across the street from the World Renowned, Lenox Hill Hospital. However, the majority of our patients prefer the privacy and security of having their procedures meticulously performed at our private, free standing, state-of-the-art surgical facility located in the same building. The operating rooms of the fully accredited and NY state registered surgical facility meet the accreditation standards of the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Overnight stays can also be arranged with or without private nursing care.

Plastic surgery, whether face, breast, or body, encourages and promotes a strong, positive self-image. No matter how small or large the change on the outside, these procedures can create extraordinary changes on the inside, allowing an individual's self-confidence to flourish.*

Our entire staff is excited to help you as you make these important decisions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns or to schedule a consultation.

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Dr. Antell has been fortunate over the years to be in contact with many celebrities.

Plastic Surgeon Darrick Antell M.D. with Ernie Anastos

Dr. Antell discusses plastic surgery with Ernie Anastos. Click here to see the full interview.

The National Institute Of Social Sciences

Dr. Antell is a life member of the National Institute of Social Sciences. The National Institute of Social Sciences is an honorary society of mostly American individuals of notable achievement devoted by service and philanthropy to the public weal. It celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 1999. Click here to see a list of honorees. For more information about the National Institute of Social Sciences click here.

Dr. Antell Honored By University School

Dr. Antell is proud to have been honored with the Alumni Graduate Award by his alma mater, University School. This award is given to University School alumni of 40+ years for their outstanding service to their community or country.


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* Patients individual results may vary.
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  • Always does a thorough job and is also patient oriented.
  • Staff and doctor are very attentive & kind. Result was great. Thank you!
  • Dr. Antell performed a few procedures many years ago and he still remembered me and exactly what procedures he performed.
  • Easy to talk to, charming, very nice work – did not look like I had work done.
  • Wonderful in-office experience. Prompt attention to my plastic surgery needs.
  • Very professional. Quite excellent. This was a visit for my mother. Entirely pleased!
  • Very professional and a very kind doctor…my favorite doctor!
  • He was one of the nicest doctors I have ever met in my life – great bedside manner.
  • You are the best Dr. Antell in every way. Results good and you care a lot after the operation. Good follow up. I will recommend anyone to come to you.
  • Dr. Antell is a very, very professional doctor, but he is also very kind and caring.
  • I was nervous about every aspect of my surgery, and it went better than I ever could have expected or hoped for. Both the surgery and recovery were great.
  • You did an excellent job and the operation went much easier and better than what I was told by other doctors.
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