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Basal and squamous cell carcinomas can vary widely in appearance. The cancer may appear as:

  • a small, white or pink nodule or bump
  • it can be smooth and shiny, waxy or pitted on the surface
  • a red spot that's rough, dry, or scaly
  • a firm, red lump that may form a crust
  • a crusted group of modules
  • a sore that bleeds or doesn't heal after two to four weeks
  • or a white patch that looks like scar tissue.

Malignant melanoma is usually signaled by a change in the size, shape, or color of an existing mole, or as a new growth greater than 6mm in diameter on normal skin.

ABCD Criteria

The ABCD criteria developed by the American Cancer Society provide a starting-off point for the physician and an easily remembered guideline for the patient to use in self-examination for MM.

A = Asymmetry. The shape of one side of the lesion does not match the other.

C = Color. The color is uneven and variegated, containing some or all of these colors: blue, black, brown, tan, gray, red and white.

B = Border. Rather than smooth, the edges are notched, ragged or blurred.

D = Diameter. The lesion has changed in size or has a diameter greater than 6mm across (about the size of a pencil eraser).

Other characteristics that should alert the clinician are ulceration, bleeding or any change in sensation such as itching. Any lesion that has a history of change warrants a biopsy to make a definitive diagnosis.

It is important to be aware of the features of the various types of nevi. Some that are benign closely resemble cancerous or precancerous lesions.

The most important thing to remember is: Get to know your skin and examine it regularly, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. (Don't forget your back.) If you notice any unusual changes on any part of your body, have a doctor check it out.

How to get started?

Dr. Darrick E. Antell and his staff will be happy to discuss Recognizing Skin Cancer with you.  Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has created unprecedented circumstances for our community. Our practice has been paying close attention to the guidelines put in place by the government and the CDC and we want to reassure you that, as always, your health and well-being is our primary concern.

With this in mind, we would like to offer virtual consultations to patients. To schedule a virtual consultation, please click here or call our office at (212)-988-4040.

Please know that we are constantly updating our services and staffing according to the local and national recommendations and doing our part to make sure that you are protected.

We continue to exercise all the latest recommendations that are handed down by the CDC. Our preventative measures include:

  • Fully training all staff members to understand the disease process and its modes of transmission.
  • Asking all staff, vendors and ancillary personnel to refrain from coming to the office if they have any signs or symptoms of a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Asking every patient to refrain from coming to the office if they have any symptoms and inquiring about any pertinent travel history.
  • Hand-washing, as this continues to be the most important mode of prevention. Although it is something that we have always constantly done, we are now doing so with heightened vigilance and attention.
  • Constantly sanitizing all surfaces (which we have always done as an accredited facility). However, we have now increased this routine and are wiping down all surfaces, desks, door handles, keyboards and restroom facilities multiple times each day.

Although Covid-19 is a serious issue, we strongly believe that it will pass and hopefully make our infrastructure and our ability to deal with pandemics in this country even better than it currently is. We are closely monitoring this situation on a real-time basis and will update our practice’s guidelines as needed to protect our patients.

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