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Turn the Clock Back with a Mini Facelift in New York

POSTED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2011 AT 9:53 AM by Dr. Darrick Antell

The beginning signs of aging in the mid-face can become noticeable once people reach their forties and fifties. A mini facelift can create a noticeably younger appearance in patients who do not yet have excess skin along the jawline. Also known as the mini facelift, short scar facelift, and limited-incision facelift, the mini facelift is intended to refresh the appearance of a person’s face, particularly in patients who would like to prolong the beginning signs of aging. Although cosmetic surgery cannot prevent the signs of aging, a short scar facelift can reset the time clock back five to ten years.

Mini facelift

Darrick E. Antell M.D., F.A.C.S., a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs the mini facelift in New York. The mini facelift is usually an outpatient procedure which uses a local anesthetic and a sedative. Patients are awake during the procedure but will only feel some tugging and discomfort. Dr. Antell will be as sensitive as possible to every patient’s needs throughout the entire procedure. The mini facelift in New York is ideal for patients in their forties and fifties because it repositions the signs of aging in the mid-face with less scars than a tradition facelift; the incision is half as long for a mini facelift and involves significantly less work behind the ears. Any scars that are visible will be easily hidden by your hair and will eventually fade. In combination with liposuction in the neck, the mini facelift will provide a firmer jawline and tighter skin under your chin, reminiscent of your younger self.

Although a mini facelift will provide patients with a more youthful, refreshed appearance, visible results may take several months to become apparent. Directly after receiving a mini facelift, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and dry skin. Patients are commonly self-conscious about their scar and changed facial features, but once healing is complete, and swelling and bruising recedes, patients are typically extremely satisfied with their mini facelift in New York. Patients should remain optimistic and positive throughout the healing process; a younger looking version of you will soon make another appearance.

Dr. Antell and his staff are available to answer any questions patients may have about the mini facelift in New York. To schedule a consultation, please call his New York office at 212-988-4040 or visit his website at https://www.antell-md.com for further research about mini facelift and other facial procedures in NYC.

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Dr. Antell's Options for Breast Enhancement in Manhattan

POSTED ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2011 AT 4:13 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Breast enhancement

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, and the case is no different for celebrity Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell. Dr. Antell is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, has over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, and 17 years experience running his own on-site accredited office-based surgical facility and operating suite.

During Dr. Antell’s initial breast augmentation consultation, three important factors are discussed with the patient: implant type, implant size, and incision location. Dr. Antell offers multiple implant choices, with the most popular being smooth silicone gel implants and smooth saline implants. The implant shell for both options is similar and is made of silicone rubber. Saline implants consist initially of an empty shell, which once placed in the patient is filled with saline, giving the patient increased volume and fullness. Silicone implants are prefilled with a cohesive silicone gel, and are placed in the patient already “full.”

After going over implant type, Dr. Antell or one of the nurses on staff will complete an implant sizing session with the patient. Many different sized implants are tried on, and the patient is able to get acquainted with the look and feel of various implant sizes. Then Dr. Antell, the patient, and the nurse come to an appropriate size recommendation that considers the patient’s size, bone structure, and stature as well as the patient’s expectations.

Lastly Dr. Antell discusses which type of incision will work best for the patient. Possible incisions include the inframammary incision, which is located underneath the breast crease, peri-areola incision, which is a semi-circular incision that follows the bottom edge of the areola, and the armpit incision which is also an option in some patients.

Dr. Antell generally performs sub muscular breast augmentations. This means that the implant is placed underneath the pectoralis muscle of the chest. This is instead of sub glandular placement, meaning above the muscle and underneath the breast glands. Dr. Antell believes the sub muscular placement tends to have a more natural look and feel and the patient is less likely to encounter rippling of the breast.

Regardless of sub glandular or sub muscular placement, patients with breast implants still have the ability to breast feed, should they choose to do so.

Dr. Antell welcomes any questions patients may have. To schedule a consultation for a breast augmentation in NY, please call 212-988-4040 or schedule an appointment online. For more information about breast augmentation and plastic surgery in New York City, visit Dr. Antell’s website at www.antell-md.com.

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Improve your Facial Profile in One Step with Chin Implants in New York

POSTED ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 AT 5:06 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Chin Implants, as well as other facial implant surgeries, can help define and balance the contours of your face. Recently, chin implants have been more popular even than nose and eye surgeries, which had previously been most popular with men. This trend may be caused by famous businessmen and attractive celebrities who both appear confident and have strong chins. A confidence boost is a common reason for patients to choose a chin implant for their facial implant surgery. Although a picture of a strong chin, such as a chin of a celebrity, can help the surgeon better understand the results a patient may be aiming for, patients should look forward to improvement, rather than perfection, when considering their chin implant surgery in NYC.

Darrick Antell MD, F.A.C.S., has both a Medical Degree and a Dental Degree. A combination of these degrees is rare due to the time it takes to achieve each degree, but an understanding of both medicine and dentistry is extremely helpful when performing chin implant surgery in New York.

Male chin implant before and after front view

Male chin implant before and after side view

Dr. Antell will insert the implant either through a small incision inside the mouth along the lower lip or in the skin directly under the chin. Sutures are used to help the incision heal. Sutures are often dissolving, but if there are any sutures in the skin, they will be removed in about a week. The procedure takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour, and patients usually return to work two to three days following the surgery.

While chin implants are intended to last a lifetime, they can be removed if the patient changes their mind or finds they no longer wish to have the implant. Chin reduction in New York may be performed in a second surgery if the implant is later perceived as too large. As with any implant surgery, risks such as infection may occur. Infection can be treated with antibiotics, but in severe cases, the implant may be removed and implanted again at a later date. Chin Implants, as with any cosmetic surgery, aim to improve the patients’ appearance as they desire, but the overall health and satisfaction of the patient is of top priority. Dr. Antell welcomes any questions patients may have. To schedule a consultation, please call his New York office at 212-988-4040 or visit his website at www.antell-md.com for further research about Chin Implants in New York, Facial Implants in NYC, and Plastic Surgery in New York City.

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Read about Skin-Saving Advice on RealSimple.com!

POSTED ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2011 AT 2:05 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Leading New York plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell was recently featured in RealSimple.com’s article, “10 Summer Hazards,” by Brigitt Hauck.

Dr. Antell serves as assistant clinical professor of surgery at Columbia University in New York City and is the educational spokesperson for the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Real Simple Skin-Saving Advice Article

In the article, Dr. Antell offers his advice on how to avoid over-exposure to the sun, which is damaging to the skin. Not only can prolonged exposure to the sun age your skin, but it also exponentially increases your risk for developing skin cancer. In fact, Dr. Antell cites research done by the Skin Cancer Foundation that suggests that just one blistering sunburn from childhood or adolescence can more than double your chances of developing melanoma later in life.

As for how to minimize the risks associated with sun exposure, Dr. Antell’s advice is to apply SPF of at least 15 often and liberally. Make sure to apply sun screen to any exposed skin, including your ears and scalp. Swimming? Reapply every few hours, even if you’re using water-proof sunblock.

Woman applying suntan lotion

So what happens if you do get burned? Unfortunately, there’s no magic treatment. Sunburn takes time to heal, and there’s no real way to expedite the process. You can, however, minimize discomfort while you’re healing. Applying cold compresses, using aloe, and taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers can all help relieve the symptoms. If the symptoms are too much to bear or if you have blisters, fever, chills, confusion, nausea, or headaches, it’s time to see the doctor.

Read the complete article here.

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Natural Fat Grafting Post-Mastectomy with Breast Reconstruction NYC!

POSTED ON MONDAY, AUGUST 08, 2011 AT 9:33 AM by Dr. Darrick Antell

With the exception of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the United States. Over 250,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Current methods of treatment for breast cancer include mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Breast reconstruction surgery is becoming increasingly popular following mastectomy or lumpectomy. In 2010, more than 80,000 American women underwent breast reconstruction surgery.

Natural fat grafting post-mastectomy with breast reconstruction

Unfortunately, reconstructive breast surgeries using implants or tissue flap procedures can occasionally provide patients with unsatisfactory results.  As an adjunct, or alternative, to standard implant and tissue flap reconstruction, fat grafting with the patient’s own fat may further enhance the results.  Periodically implants can result in dimpling, wrinkling and visible implant edges which can often be minimized with fat grafting.  Using the latest advances in fat grafting, leading New York plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell provides women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy with another option for breast reconstruction.

“Now, we can remove excess fat from targeted areas of the body, harvest viable natural fat cells, and inject them into the breast in order to enhance breast contour or augment breast size,” states Dr. Antell.  “Since we are using the patient’s own natural fat, the results have the potential to look and feel more natural, and last forever,” he says.  

Dr. Antell uses traditional liposuction techniques to carefully remove fat cells from targeted areas of the body.  Once the fat has been removed, Dr. Antell injects the harvested fat into the breast. This process is very meticulous, as the fat cells must remain viable in order to be successfully transplanted. 

Ultimately, Dr. Antell has found that natural fat transfer to the breast provides a further option for improving results in breast reconstruction patients. The technique can be used alone to enhance breast contour or in conjunction with other breast enhancement techniques to smooth out wrinkling, dimpling, and visible edges around breast implants. 

If you are in the New York area and considering breast reconstruction surgery, please visit Dr. Antell’s website to request an appointment or call 212.988.4040. Dr. Antell can help you understand your breast reconstruction options and choose the method that is best suited to your individual case.

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