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Minimally Invasive Eyelid Surgery in NYC for the New Year!

POSTED ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2013 AT 8:37 AM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Minimally invasive eyelid surgeryIf you’re looking to start the New Year with a fresh start for your looks, without the invasive surgery and excessive downtime, check out the minimally invasive procedures Dr. Antell has to offer. Minimally invasive procedures hold many benefits over more invasive procedures.  One advantage is using small incisions, allowing your body to heal much faster with less scarring. In addition, you will experience a shorter hospital stay, so you can be back to your life sooner than you would with conventional surgery.

Many times, patients come into our office hoping for the smallest change to make the biggest difference. Dr. Antell helps patients achieve this goal by offering various minimally invasive procedures. Understanding the differences between each and what they can help you achieve will better assist you in choosing what’s right for you! Learn more below:  

Chin Implants NYC: Look as confident as you feel with Chin Implants in NYC! Chin Implants can help restore facial harmony and balance by taking away the focus of other features of the face. Small chins for example, can cause your nose to appear larger than it actually is. As a prominent analyst of chins, Dr. Antell has appeared in various print & video media outlets examining & sharing the psychological values prominent chins redeem. Learn more about Chin Augmentation in NYC, and the benefits a new chin holds for you!

Eyelid Surgery NYC: If you look more tired than you feel, wake up with Eyelid Surgery in NYC! With much of your emotion, attraction, and interaction coming from your eyes, you want your gaze to provoke the beauty and youth you feel inside. Factors such as age, genetics, & lifestyle choices however, can cause eyelids to sag, drop, & fold as time goes on. In addition, sagging eyelids can make you appear more tired than you actually feel or cause vision problems. If your eyelids need rejuvenation, lift & smooth them with Blepharoplasty in NY. During eyelid surgery, Dr. Antell creates a small incision over the eyelids natural folds, so the cut is inconspicuous with a virtually invisible scar. Lean more about NYC eyelid surgery!    

Lipoma Removal NY: Lipomas are typically non-cancerous, firm, grape-like growths beneath the skin. Although they are usually harmless, lipomas can cause feelings of self-consciousness or discomfort when pushed down upon adjacent nerves. Through a press and squeeze technique, Dr. Antell removes lipomas through a small incision. Learn more about lipoma removal in NYC.

NYC Mole Removal: Keep skin healthy with mole removal in NYC! Keeping a keen eye on your moles is one of the most important factors when dealing with moles. If your moles start to show unusual changes in size, shape, color, or diameter, don’t wait any longer to consider mole removal. Early removal of suspicious moles is crucial to keeping skin healthy. Learn more about NYC Mole Removal.

Start the New Year with a new you, and learn what each procedure can help you achieve! Dr. Antell and his staff welcome any questions you may have about our minimally invasive treatment options, such as Eyelid Surgery, Chin Implants, Lipoma Removal, & Mole Removal. Contact our New York City office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online for your personal consultation.  



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Refresh your 'Lobes with Earlobe Repair in NYC

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2013 AT 5:58 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Earlobe repair surgery

Holiday celebrations have ended and the decorations have once again become absent from windows. Although the holidays are now over, many of us will keep the memories from this past season close. Part of this closeness will come from wearing the gifts we received. One of the seasons most popular gifts however, can cause unforeseen damage to the body.

Over the years, the weight of earrings may stretch or tear your earlobes. Damaged earlobes can make it difficult, even impossible to wear your earrings.  If you can no longer enjoy or wear your favorite dangles and sparkles, consider earlobe repair in NYC.

A variety of different techniques can be used in earlobe repair and will depend on how much tissue was lost, as well as the nature of your injury. If a piece of the ear is completely missing, rather than ripped, Dr. Antell will perform a graft from the patient’s skin to fill the gap. Often performed under local anesthesia, earlobe repair at our office is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

Repairing torn earlobes can be immediately performed or delayed depending on if the tissue is inflamed.  If a piece of the ear is completely missing, dead tissue is removed from around the site of the rip. The two sides are then stitched together to allow the ear to heal slowly. Since the earlobe consists of only skin and fat, it is more prone to tearing than other parts of the ear.

In most cases, patients can re-pierced their ears as early as three months following the procedure. However, you will be advised to only wear studded earrings for the first few months to allow the earlobe sufficient time to regain strength. Patients can return to their daily activities directly following treatment and may be advised to take over-the-counter medicine. Most people however, will only require a topical antibiotic cream after the surgery for safety and to prevent infection.  After about a week, stitches are removed and patients can then rediscover their confidence with beautiful, natural, and symmetrical looking ears.

Earlobe repair surgery before and after case 1

Earlobe repair surgery before and after case 2

Earlobe Repair in NYC, by Top Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Antell, produces natural and symmetrical results. Finally get to wear the gift your loved ones bought for you after earlobe repair by Dr. Antell!  Contact our New York City office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online for your personal consultation.  


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Examine your Mole for Mole Removal in NYC

POSTED ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2012 AT 4:05 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Mole removalThe days of summer have are gone and the constant reminders about the importance of SPF have slowly faded. Although the warm days have come to a halt, the importance of maintaining healthy skin still remains. Dr. Darrick Antell reminds patients to keep an eye on any moles that may have appeared as a result of summer’s passing. It is good to know your ABCD’s when examining suspicious mole growths.

Asymmetry: Look for any signs of your mole changing in size. Melanomas are usually asymmetric, meaning one side may not reflect the other. 

Border: Look for signs of your mole changing in and around the edges of the mole. This includes if they become blurred, irregular, or ragged.

Color: Normal moles are one hue in color. Keep note of changes in the shade of the mole, including hues of tan, brown, black, blue, white, or red.

Diameter:  Melanomas are usually greater than the eraser of a pencil, though some have been diagnosed at a smaller size. 

Although most moles are benign, it is always recommended to get an expert opinion for proper treatment and in-depth observation. If your mole shows any of these signs of change, consider an evaluation by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in NYC, Dr. Darrick Antell. Dr. Antell can help assess your moles and assist you if you decide that mole removal in NYC is right for you. While many people are born with moles, some patients may find themselves with moles due to tanning, increased sun exposure, even genes. Understanding the differences between each type of mole will guide you when it comes to determining the best-suited mole removal procedure in New York City.

Types of moles:

Atypical Mole: The atypical mole is usually larger than other common moles. Some have irregular borders that fade into the skin. Seen in about 1 out of every 10 Americans, atypical moles often have a higher chance of becoming pre-cancerous. In some extreme cases, patients may develop more than 50 of them. 

Acquired Mole: Also known as the common mole, the acquired mole appears any time after you are born. The acquired mole is often believed to be a result of sun damage.  

Congenital Mole: According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, about 1 in 100 are born with the congenital mole. Though most are brown in color, their shades, shape, and size can vary.  

Dysplastic Mole: The dysplastic mole is often larger than an average mole. Usually the size of a pencil eraser, these types of moles tend to have lighter, uneven edges. They are often hereditary and in some cases, patients experience 100 of more.

Manhattan mole removal  is performed in our fully accredited, state-of-the-art facility under local anesthesia. In some instances, patients may opt for Twilight IV sedation, where patients feel they are falling asleep naturally. Depending on the type of mole you have will determine the type of procedure Dr. Antell will use to removal your mole. Most flat moles for example, are removed using a “shave excision.” In comparison, moles that are darker and deeper may require full thickness excision. Full thickness excision allows for the best specimen evaluation for any pre-cancerous changes. This test only requires a few stitches that are removed during a follow-up visit.

If your mole starts to show unusual changes in asymmetry, border, or color, or if you are simply self-conscious about your moles, talk to top NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Antell about mole removal in NYC. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Antell specializes in mole removal, skin cancer removal, and scar revision surgery to ensure patient health and the most aesthetically pleasing result. If you have any questions regarding mole removal, contact our New York office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation.


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Sparkle for the Holidays in NYC with BOTOX and more!

POSTED ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2012 AT 1:18 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Woman holding a holiday gift

Dr. Antell and his staff would like to wish you and your loved ones a warm and happy holiday season!  The Holidays offer a time of celebration, warm wishes, reflection, and rejoicing with friends and family. To help you prepare for upcoming reunions and celebrations, New York board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Darrick Antell, offers 5 available treatments to help you look sparkling for the holidays! Learn about the various non-invasive procedures we provide for some quick holiday rejuvenation. Talk to Dr. Antell today about which treatment options are best for your individual needs!

1. BOTOX® Cosmetic:  Smiles and frowns throughout your life can leave unwanted facial wrinkles and creases. Though these imprints may serve as reminders of the past joys and sorrows, most patients find these facial lines cause them to look older than they may actually feel. Thanks to BOTOX® in NYC, patients can prevent furrow lines, crow’s feet, and other moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Using botulinum toxin, BOTOX® halts muscle contractions that cause wrinkles, so patients can maintain a youthful appearance. BOTOX® is even FDA approved for treatment of excessive sweating and migraines!   Learn more about New York City BOTOX® treatments.

2. Dermal Fillers: Restore youthful fullness, plump lips, and soften facial wrinkles with Restylane® and Juvederm® in NYC. Known as “liquid facelifts,” dermal fillers can enhance your appearance with many of the benefits of a surgical facelift, but without the downtime! Though nothing will stop the aging process, dermal fillers offer a quick, less invasive solution for a rejuvenated appearance for any of your upcoming holiday events. Learn more about New York Injectable Fillers.

3. Chemical Peels: When winter’s frigid chill finally arrives, revive dry and damaged skin. Chemical peels remove damaged layers of skin to relieve wrinkles, blemishes, acne scarring, and uneven skin tone. Talk to Dr. Antell about which chemical peel treatment is right for you. Learn more about chemical peels in Manhattan.

4. Latisse™ Eyelash Treatments: If you are a believer that the eyes are “the window to the soul,” then start catching some attention with longer, fuller lashes. Bring out your youth and femininity with thicker eyelashes, and boost your look with Latisse™ eyelash treatments. Most women feel more attractive with their eyes framed by full lashes. Many find that factors such as age, trauma, or general lack of care can lead to thinning or lost eyelashes.  Latisse™ helps grow lashes naturally for enhanced length, thickness, and darkness.   Learn more about Latisse™ in New York today!

5. Dermabrasion: Similar to chemical peels, dermabrasion in Manhattan improves your appearance by smoothing the skin’s surface. Though treatment time may vary, getting back to normal after dermabrasion can take up to a few weeks. Dermabrasion reaches deeper than a chemical peel to remove scars and smooth wrinkles. Learn more about Dermabrasion in NYC.

To look dazzling this holiday season, talk to Dr. Antell about which of our non-invasive treatment options may be right for you. At the office of Dr. Antell, we welcome any questions you may have about BOTOX® Cosmetic, Injectable Fillers, chemical peels, dermabrasion, or Latisse™ eyelash treatments. Contact our New York office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation.


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Plastic Surgery in NY between Twins

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2012 AT 3:24 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

When opting for plastic surgery in New York, many of us find ourselves deep in research trying to determine for ourselves which procedure will be suitable for our needs. Without the proper information however, facts can become mixed with falsehoods. Board certified plastic surgeon in NYC, and Clinical Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, Dr. Darrick Antell has continuously geared his efforts towards helping patients understand their options when it comes to plastic surgery, as well as how to choose the best plastic surgeon in NYC. He continues his dedication in his field by keeping up with the latest techniques and by performing his own original research studies. Dr. Darrick Antell is perhaps best known for his ground breaking research of twins plastic surgery in New York.

World renowned for his studies of aging in identical twins, Dr. Antell’s initial inspiration to study twins came when a patient asked, “How long will my facelift last?” Dr. Antell explained that if she had an identical twin who did not have a facelift, the patient would always look visibly younger than her twin. With this analogy, Dr. Antell went on to question which lifestyle choices could visibly contribute & ultimately accelerate the aging process. Since then, he has performed various studies comparing the effects of sun, smoking, and stress on facial aging in identical twins. 

Recently, to further clarify and enhance his research on twins plastic surgery in New York, Dr. Antell focused on evaluating the results of two different facelift techniques, the traditional full incision and the short-scar facelift. Dr. Antell has most recently presented the findings of this study entitled, “Comparison of the Short and Full Incision Facelift on 4 Sets of Identical Twins & 1 Set of Identical Triplets,” at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in New Orleans this past October. At this meeting, Dr. Antell discussed the differences between the long-term results of these two facelift techniques at one and five years after the surgery date.

In addition to the long awaited similarities and differences between the short scar facelift in New York City and full incision facelift, Dr. Antell stressed the importance of selecting a board certified plastic surgeon. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon assures that your doctor is qualified to perform surgery. Board certification means your surgeon displays the training, experience, and safety knowledge that is crucial for patients to consider when choosing their doctor. 

With over twenty years of experience in plastic surgery in New York, Dr. Antell continues to make major headlines around the globe. His honesty and experience have earned him the trust of his patients and has made him an authority in his field. His work has been published in numerous media outlets, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Los Angeles Times, People magazine, Allure magazine, Vogue magazine, and Elle magazine. Check out his last set of twins after their surgery below!

Identical twins before plastic surgery in 1999

Identical twins 10 years post-surgery in 2009

Keep up with our blog and stay tuned to see the results of Dr. Antell’s comparison of the short scar facelift and full incision facelift. Our staff and Dr. Antell welcome any questions or concerns you may have about plastic surgery in New York. Call our office at 212.988.4040 or request an appointment online for your personal consultation.

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