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Minimally Invasive Eyelid Surgery in NYC for the New Year!

POSTED ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2013 AT 8:37 AM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Minimally invasive eyelid surgeryIf you’re looking to start the New Year with a fresh start for your looks, without the invasive surgery and excessive downtime, check out the minimally invasive procedures Dr. Antell has to offer. Minimally invasive procedures hold many benefits over more invasive procedures.  One advantage is using small incisions, allowing your body to heal much faster with less scarring. In addition, you will experience a shorter hospital stay, so you can be back to your life sooner than you would with conventional surgery.

Many times, patients come into our office hoping for the smallest change to make the biggest difference. Dr. Antell helps patients achieve this goal by offering various minimally invasive procedures. Understanding the differences between each and what they can help you achieve will better assist you in choosing what’s right for you! Learn more below:  

Chin Implants NYC: Look as confident as you feel with Chin Implants in NYC! Chin Implants can help restore facial harmony and balance by taking away the focus of other features of the face. Small chins for example, can cause your nose to appear larger than it actually is. As a prominent analyst of chins, Dr. Antell has appeared in various print & video media outlets examining & sharing the psychological values prominent chins redeem. Learn more about Chin Augmentation in NYC, and the benefits a new chin holds for you!

Eyelid Surgery NYC: If you look more tired than you feel, wake up with Eyelid Surgery in NYC! With much of your emotion, attraction, and interaction coming from your eyes, you want your gaze to provoke the beauty and youth you feel inside. Factors such as age, genetics, & lifestyle choices however, can cause eyelids to sag, drop, & fold as time goes on. In addition, sagging eyelids can make you appear more tired than you actually feel or cause vision problems. If your eyelids need rejuvenation, lift & smooth them with Blepharoplasty in NY. During eyelid surgery, Dr. Antell creates a small incision over the eyelids natural folds, so the cut is inconspicuous with a virtually invisible scar. Lean more about NYC eyelid surgery!    

Lipoma Removal NY: Lipomas are typically non-cancerous, firm, grape-like growths beneath the skin. Although they are usually harmless, lipomas can cause feelings of self-consciousness or discomfort when pushed down upon adjacent nerves. Through a press and squeeze technique, Dr. Antell removes lipomas through a small incision. Learn more about lipoma removal in NYC.

NYC Mole Removal: Keep skin healthy with mole removal in NYC! Keeping a keen eye on your moles is one of the most important factors when dealing with moles. If your moles start to show unusual changes in size, shape, color, or diameter, don’t wait any longer to consider mole removal. Early removal of suspicious moles is crucial to keeping skin healthy. Learn more about NYC Mole Removal.

Start the New Year with a new you, and learn what each procedure can help you achieve! Dr. Antell and his staff welcome any questions you may have about our minimally invasive treatment options, such as Eyelid Surgery, Chin Implants, Lipoma Removal, & Mole Removal. Contact our New York City office at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online for your personal consultation.  



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Look Visibly Younger with Eyelid Surgery in NYC

POSTED ON THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2012 AT 4:48 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Eyelid surgery

Eyes are an important aspect of social interaction in our culture. Besides giving us the sense of sight, eyes are often regarded as windows to the soul. We can drown in a person’s eyes, melt from their glance, feel shunned or shamed by their absence, and embarrassed when they accidentally meet. We show our friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances that we are listening and interested in what they have to say by looking into their eyes. Eyes obviously receive a lot of social attention and give emotional cues to others. With age and over exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, however, the delicate skin around our eyes may begin to sag, puff, or darken. Not only is this cosmetically unappealing, but it may also be giving the wrong social cues. Puffy and darkened lower eyelids may cause you to appear tired when you actually feel energetic. Sagging upper eyelids may make you appear aged when you actually feel young. Dr. Darrick Antell offers blepharoplasty in New York (eyelid surgery) to eliminate the sagging and freshen your expression.

Blepharoplasty in NY is an outpatient procedure that can improve many aspects of your eyelids, including their aesthetic appearance, facial expression, and field of vision. Drooping and sagging upper eyelids may physically limit your field of vision. Blepharoplasty in NYC can open your field of vision by removing drooping, excess skin. Oftentimes, puffy lower eyelids can express feelings of exhaustion, but blepharoplasty in New York will surgically smooth your eyelid, so it curves smoothly into the cheek. During the procedure, Dr. Antell uses Twilight sedation and local anesthesia.  He will remove excess skin and fat from the eyelid using an incision over the eyelids’ natural folds, so they are inconspicuous. Incisions during lower eyelid surgery can be performed inside the eyelid, producing an invisible scar.

You can view Dr. Darrick Antell’s amazing before and after eyelid surgery in NY results by clicking on the link below and visiting our before and after gallery!

Eyelid Surgery New York City— Before and After Gallery

Male eyelid surgery before and after

Female eyelid surgery before and after

Discover the visible difference in your sight and expression after blepharoplasty in New York!  Darrick E. Antell M.D., F.A.C. S. and his staff welcome any questions or concerns you may have about Blepharoplasty in New York City. You may contact his New York, NY office at 212.988.4040 or request an appointment online to schedule a personal consultation withDr. Antell.

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Don't Let Your Eyes Give you Away with a Blepharoplasty in NYC

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 AT 2:45 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

Blepharoplasty surgery

The wisdom and experience gathered from years of living eventually manifest outwardly in your physical appearance. Puffy bags, a drop of one or both upper eyelids, droop below the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles spread from the outer edges of the eye, and the top eyelid may begin to sag as well, possibly even restricting your field of vision. Darrick E. Antell M.D., F.A.C. S. offers blepharoplasty in New York City to reduce the outward signs of aging around the eyes and improve the functional problems that may result from puffy, sagging eyelids, such as restricted field of vision. Keep the wisdom and experience of age while regaining the smooth contours and bright-eyed look of youth! Consider blepharoplasty in NY with Dr. Antell and watch the years vanish from under your eyes.

Blepharoplasty in New York is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons, right under breast augmentation and liposuction. During blepharoplasty in NYC, patients will receive a local anesthetic combined with an intravenous sedative, so they are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Darrick Antell will remove excess fat and skin from the upper and/ or lower eyelids in order to restore a more youthful appearance to the face and brighten the look of the eyes. Sagging in the upper eyelid that may have blocked part of your vision will be removed, so you can once again enjoy a full field of vision. Patients who only need fat removed from their lower eyelids will receive an incision on the inside of the eyelid, completely avoiding any visible scars.  This has been called the fat melting blepharoplasty and no sutures are used in this technique.  Other patients may need excess fat and skin removed, but Dr. Antell will place incisions along the natural creases and folds in the eyelids, making scars as inconspicuous as possible. Although blepharoplasty in NY cannot improve crow’s feet around the eyes or improve droopy eyebrows, blepharoplasty is often combined with other procedures, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic in New York or facelift in NYC, to give patients an overall facial rejuvenation.   If one or both eyelids are droopy (ptosis), that can be treated with a blepharoplasty in New York at the same time as a ptosis repair in NY.  Bruising and swelling may last for a few days following surgery.   Once your eyelids are completely healed from blepharoplasty in New York, however, you will enjoy a more youthful appearance and energized expression.

Blepharoplasty surgery Before and After

Male blepharoplasty surgery nyc

Keep the wisdom and knowledge that the passing years have given without having to keep the tired bags and wrinkles that you’ve gained along with the better attributes of aging by considering blepharoplasty in New York City. Darrick E. Antell M.D., F.A.C. S. and his staff welcome patients to voice any questions or concerns you may have about blepharoplasty in NYC. You may contact his New York, NY office at 212.988.4040 or request an appointment online to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Antell.

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Shave Off Years with Eyelid Lift In New York

POSTED ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2011 AT 2:55 PM by Dr. Darrick Antell

One of the easiest ways to shave years off one’s appearance is through an eyelid lift called a blepharoplasty.  In this procedure I remove excess skin that causes sagginess and bags around the eye, helping to eliminate the ‘tired’ look that many people develop due to weakening ligaments holding fat in place and loss of skin elasticity.

The reason that a blepharoplasty is so effective is that there are many aspects of the procedure that we can customize to one’s specific anatomy.  The first is that we can perform the lift on the top, bottom or both lids.  Let’s take a look at an example.

Blepharoplasty surgery with eyelid lift

The patient above had an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty to address issues both above and below his eyes.  As you can see in the before photo, the patient had developed a ‘hood’ above his eyes that was eliminated with his surgery. In the after photos the skin no longer hangs down below his eye lashes and instead has a nice looking crease as it did in his younger days. 

We were also able to rejuvenate the area below the eye.  Though part of the bags are cut off in the before photo you can distinctly see their outline in the area near the eye.  We removed these signs of aging first by removing the fatty deposits from below the eye and then removing the excess skin with a lifting technique.

The final aspect of a blepharoplasty is where the incision is placed.  In the lower lids, I prefer the transconjunctival approach (behind the lower eyelid) because it does not leave a scar on the skin, does not require stitching that has to be removed later and gives me excellent access to the fat deposits below the eyelid for removal.

I like this before and after photo because it demonstrates all of the different aspects of blepharoplasty surgery.  Clearly excess skin on the upper eyelid manifests itself differently than on the lower lid.  Add to that the effect of fatty deposits and you begin to see how unique each case is. 

If you think a blepharoplasty might be right for you leave a message here, on Facebook or Twitter or call our office at 212-988-4040.

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