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Turn the Clock Back with a Mini Facelift in New York

POSTED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2011 AT 9:53 AM by Dr. Darrick Antell

The beginning signs of aging in the mid-face can become noticeable once people reach their forties and fifties. A mini facelift can create a noticeably younger appearance in patients who do not yet have excess skin along the jawline. Also known as the mini facelift, short scar facelift, and limited-incision facelift, the mini facelift is intended to refresh the appearance of a person’s face, particularly in patients who would like to prolong the beginning signs of aging. Although cosmetic surgery cannot prevent the signs of aging, a short scar facelift can reset the time clock back five to ten years.

Mini facelift

Darrick E. Antell M.D., F.A.C.S., a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs the mini facelift in New York. The mini facelift is usually an outpatient procedure which uses a local anesthetic and a sedative. Patients are awake during the procedure but will only feel some tugging and discomfort. Dr. Antell will be as sensitive as possible to every patient’s needs throughout the entire procedure. The mini facelift in New York is ideal for patients in their forties and fifties because it repositions the signs of aging in the mid-face with less scars than a tradition facelift; the incision is half as long for a mini facelift and involves significantly less work behind the ears. Any scars that are visible will be easily hidden by your hair and will eventually fade. In combination with liposuction in the neck, the mini facelift will provide a firmer jawline and tighter skin under your chin, reminiscent of your younger self.

Although a mini facelift will provide patients with a more youthful, refreshed appearance, visible results may take several months to become apparent. Directly after receiving a mini facelift, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and dry skin. Patients are commonly self-conscious about their scar and changed facial features, but once healing is complete, and swelling and bruising recedes, patients are typically extremely satisfied with their mini facelift in New York. Patients should remain optimistic and positive throughout the healing process; a younger looking version of you will soon make another appearance.

Dr. Antell and his staff are available to answer any questions patients may have about the mini facelift in New York. To schedule a consultation, please call his New York office at 212-988-4040 or visit his website at https://www.antell-md.com for further research about mini facelift and other facial procedures in NYC.

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