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Ditch The Turkey Neck or Pelican Neck with a Neck Lift in NYC

POSTED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2017 AT 9:29 AM  by Dr. Darrick Antell

Commonly referred to as “turkey neck" or "pelican neck," this dropping skin can make you appear to have a double chin and add years to your appearance. New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Darrick Antell, can remove this loose skin under your chin, with what he likes to call a “wattlectomy.” Before you consider yourself of the pelicanidae species, consider the procedure that can give you a fresh, younger look!

“Wattlectomy” uses direct excision to cut away fatty tissue. Performed under a local anesthesia with mild sedation, this procedure takes about an hour to perform. Afterwards, sutures remain in place for about a week, but you can return to work within two days, confident with the sleek contour of your new neckline!

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This procedure gives excellent results by removing hanging skin under the chin, offering a better  outcome than a traditional neck lift in NYC.  With the wattlectomy, a “Z” plasty is placed approximately at the incision’s midpoint, helping to disguise the scar, which though permanent, fades over time.

Even better, costs of the procedure run less than a traditional neck lift. For an additional fee, a patient can add other procedures at the same time, such as eyelid surgery in NY, or chin implants in NY for a more complete facial rejuvenation.

If you’re tired of wasting time at the gym working on your turkey neck or pelican neck without achieving visible results, give our office a call at 212.988.4040, or request an appointment online. Dr. Antell and his staff look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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