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Lie of the Month: Drinking Soda Causes Cellulite

Allure Magazine Article - Lie of the Month: Drinking Soda Causes Cellulite


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Blame it on genes, a desk job - or Rio. But don't blame soft drinks for unsightly cellulite. One prevailing myth is that the sodium in sodas causes the fat cells stashed in saddlebags to swell, making the characteristic dimpling even worse. Some people think the culprit is carbonation - as if those tiny bubbles somehow worked their way under the skin. But according to New York plastic surgeon Darrick Antell, cellulite has nothing to do with any specific food or drink. All the experts know is that it occurs when fat cells bulge out of pockets in the surrounding connective fiber. Endermologie and massage can temporarily stretch the fibers and smooth the skin, but cellulite can't be vanquished permanently (not even with liposuction). I wish I were aware of a cure, " says Antell. "But I'm not."

By Susan Seligson


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