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Eyelid Surgery For Under-Eye Bags

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Eyelid Surgery NYC

Darrick E. Antell, M.D.
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Team Trump is looking tired. Consider U.S. Defense Secretary General "Mad Dog" Mattis. At his confirmation hearing in January, the bags under his eyes looked overstuffed. Has he been losing sleep?

Maybe. But bags aren't just a symptom of nights spent pondering our nation's embattled future. (We feel you there, Mad Dog.) They're mostly a product of age and genetics. And no one wants them. In 2015, eyelid surgery was the second-most-popular treatment for guys after that old reliable, the nose job.

You can reduce puffiness under the eyes with cooling cucumbers or Preparation H (yes, really). But those are just stopgaps for a bigger issue.

"It happens to everybody, though some are more predisposed," says Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Darrick Antell. "And if you start looking tired, people think you can't do your job well." If you're in the early stages, some filler just under the circles will even out the gradation. If you're a full-blown Mattis, a surgeon can go in under the lower eyelid and remove or reposition the fat there to make the bags disappear. Quick fixes to reduce swelling include cucumber slices, or even a swipe of Preparation H to tighten the skin, but there's no salvation in a bottle. "Topical creams won't fix under-eye fat pads," says dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, who uses Fraxel, a skin-resurfacing treatment, as a nonsurgical eye lift. Fixing this takes extra firepower. Dr. Antell did it himself, back in his thirties. "It was one of the best things I ever did," he says. "Besides marrying my wife." —J. R.

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